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Founded in 1998, WeJEWELER has provided lab created gemstones and fine jewelry for clients who value quality and creativity. Loose Moissanite, cubic zirconia, lab created gems, and custom jewelry, all of these are both exquisite and affordable. Our experts are happy to custom any loose gemstones & fine jewelry that meets your needs.

The Reliable Loose Gemstones Manufacturer in China Since 1998

Founded in 1998, WeJEWELER has proved itself as the most reliable manufacturer in the industry after cooperating with hundreds of jewelry designers, wholesalers, and brand owners. If you are looking for a unique top quality and a trustworthy partnership, WeJEWELER is the right place.

Your Style Demand Attention

Discover the extensive collection of fashion jewelry at WeJEWELER, including but not limited to necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Different metals, center stones and styles are available for you to choose from. For specific needs, talk to our experts and learn more about our personalized jewelry service.

personalized JEWELRY
We Create. We Custom. We Manufacture.
81 facets new cut cubic zirconia

WeJEWELER has its designers who keep up with the latest trends and artisans who know lab created gemstones like the back of his hand.

custom cut loose gemstones

After 23 years of customizing loose gemstones for clients worldwide, we understand the tastes of different markets in the world.

lab created ruby corundum

WeJEWELER daily output lab created gemstones 5000000 pieces, allowing us to exceed our clients’ expectations regarding lead time.

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23 Years Experience

Since 1998, our team has combined machinery with craftsmanship to offer products based on market trends.

Quality Control

We conform to strict quality control standards to deliver exquisite gemstones and jewelry that meets criteria in all countries.

Customization Service

We customize loose gemstones and jewelry, provide more options for a better experience and a lasting partnership.

Fast Shipping

We bear in mind your ideal timescale for the project. Always get you ahead of your peers.

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