Synthetic gemstones are those which exactly imitating natural stones but they are created by man in a laboratory. They are physically and chemically identical to natural-grown gemstones but cost much less to buy. The most common synthetic gemstones are synthetic/lab created ruby, synthetic/lab created sapphires and synthetic/lab created quartz/glass crystal. Synthetic gemstones are more inclusion flawless than natural gemstones. It is very difficult for an untrained expert to tell the difference between a synthetic and natural gemstone.

WeJEWELER supply synthetic gemstones including
Lab created spinel: spinel 104#, spinel 106#, spinel 108#, spinel 112#, spinel 113#, spinel 114#, spinel 120# etc.
Lab created ruby: ruby 2#, ruby 3#, ruby 5#, ruby 7#, ruby 8# etc.
Lab created sapphire: blue sapphire 32#, blue sapphire 34#, white sapphire, Alexandrite, pink, star blue sapphire, star pink sapphire etc.
Lab created opals: total about 80 colors.
Lab created nano gemstones/NanoSital: black, green, turquoise, amethyst, aqua, blue sapphire, Sultanite, tourmaline, Morganite etc.
Lab created glass/crystal gemstones: more than about 100 colors.

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