Lab Grown Gemstones

Browse our lab grown gemstones which chemical, physical and optical properties that are the same as their natural counterparts. Feel free to contact us if you need customization.

A Manufacturer of Lab Grown Gemstones

WeJEWELER is a lab grown gemstones manufacturer creating and supplying lab grown CVD HPHT diamond, lab grown ruby, lab grown blue sapphire, lab grown Padparadscha and lab hydrothermal-grown emerald for brand owners and distributors. Browse our collection of lab grown gemstones to find what you need or ask for a customization service. Our gemstone experts know how to conceptualize your idea. Quality and lead time are the least to worry about when you work with WeJEWELER.

What are lab grown gemstones?

Lab grown gemstones are laboratory grow by duplicating the earth’s natural process in a controlled lab environment, including temperature, pressure and chemical makeup.

Lab grown gemstones are real gemstones, not synthetic or imitations. These laboratory-grown gemstones are physically, optically, and chemically identical to their natural-mined counterparts. Lab grown gemstones usually have fewer flaws, higher quality, and are more beautiful than earth-mined equivalents.

lab grown gemstones

Available for Customization

We’ve established a stable relationship with raw material suppliers, and we have experienced gems cutters and in-house factories. That is why we are capable of customization, including sizes, shapes, material, and packaging.

Competitive prices and short lead-time are so easy when you work with WeJEWELER. Tell us about your concerns and let us handle your custom precision-cut lab grown gemstones.

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