Customized Jewelry

With a dedicated team, we follow the latest trends and offer exquisite customized jewelry. Customization service is for clients who want to stand out from their personality.

A Manufacturer of Customized Jewelry

WeJEWELER is a jewelry manufacturer creating and supplying rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and jewelry sets for individuals, brand owners and distributors. Browse our collection of jewelry to find what you need or ask for a customization service. Our jewelry experts know how to conceptualize your idea. Quality and lead time are the least to worry about when you work with WeJEWELER.

What is custom jewelry?

When you have shopped around at jewelry shops or online stores, but you haven’t found the one you desire. That time you should need custom jewelry. Whether you want to revitalize an old piece of jewelry or want to create your engagement ring, custom jewelry is your answer, and WeJEWELER is your right place!

Tell us your specific requirements and our jewelry designers will work together to visualize each of them. The design is based on your idea and our expert’s insights. We modify the CAD design until you approve. Then wax model, casting & finish your customized jewelry.

custom jewelry DEF Moissanite 14K ring
custom jewelry HPHT diamond 18K ring

Why Custom Your Jewelry?

Sentimental value: Custom-made jewelry is carefully designed to reflect the wearer’s personality and to suit your lifestyle, among other details.

Realize your vision: Custom jewelry is envisioned and made possible with the help of an expert jeweler. There is a sense of pride and happiness that cannot be measured.

Affordable budget: When you create personalized and exclusive jewelry, you can control your expenses, especially if you don’t want to sacrifice quality.

Quality assured: Custom jewelry is produced to meet your expectations, and we are assured that the jewelry is a perfect fit for your sizes.

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