Project Description

Lab Grown Ruby

Grown with the same physical, chemical, optical properties as natural.
Consistence in quality and color, not enhanced or color-treated.
More durable, same hardness.
Little to no inclusions!
Cost savings.
Smaller carbon footprint.

Lab grown ruby created in a laboratory under controlled and monitored conditions. The process is started from a “seed” given by a natural ruby. The growth and creation are precisely regulated that the resulting gemstones have the desired attributes. In laboratory gemstones, the irrelevant inclusions and impurities that are often found in natural gems are not present in laboratory ones. Still, these lab created rubies possess the same chemical, physical, and optical characteristics as the naturally occurring rubies. This fact makes them seem “too” perfect. Some of the more famous laboratory gemstones are HPHT/CVD diamond, sapphires and Emeralds.

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