Lab Grown Blue Sapphire

China manufacturer direct wholesale lab grown blue sapphire gemstones, custom-made your lab grown blue sapphire gemstones at China manufacturer at very low wholesale price. No Minimum Order Quantity requirement!

Chemical Property

same as natural mined

Material Type



velvety blue


pure clarity


IGI or as requested


Details About Lab Grown Blue Sapphire

We are China manufacturer of lab grown blue sapphire gemstones. We are committed to becoming the best lab created gemstones and artificial gemstones wholesaler in China, with the best quality and the most competitive prices.

  • Unique Selling Point: Physically, optically and chemically properties are the same as natural counterpart.
  • Gem Cut Shapes: Asscher Cut, Cushion Cut, Emerald Cut, Heart Cut, Marquise Cut, Oval Cut, Pear Cut, Princess Cut, Radiant Cut, Round Brilliant Cut, Trillion Cut.
  • Color: Velvety blue.
  • Clarity: Pure clarity.
  • Sizes: Custom-made as your requirement.
  • Delivery: Within 7 days for small order, within 15 days for bulk order.
  • Package: Lab grown blue sapphire gemstone packed in a single box.
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, Payoneer.
  • Customers Group: Jewelry manufacturer, gemstone or jewelry distributor, retail jewelry operation, jewelry studio or boutique shop.

If you want to custom-made your lab grown blue sapphire gemstones, select your gem cut shape, then click the button “Add to Quote” to get the best wholesale price.

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