Lab Created Ruby

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China manufacturer direct wholesale lab created ruby gemstones, bulk quantities synthetic corundum ruby available in stock at very low wholesale prices. Customization for any shapes and sizes.


  • Affordable prices
  • Very stable and durable stone
  • Perfect clarity
  • Same chemical, physical, and optical characteristics as the natural ruby
  • Details of Lab Created Ruby

    Chemical Property

    Synthetic Corundum/AL2O3


    9.0 Moh's Scale

    Refractive Index


    Specific Gravity

    3.97 – 4.05

    HS Code


    Lab Created Ruby Colors

    Ruby 2#, Ruby 3#, Ruby 5#, Ruby 7#, Ruby 8#, Star/asteria Ruby

    Gems Cut Shapes

    Asscher Cut, Cushion Cut, Cabochon Cut, Emerald Cut, Heart Cut, Marquise Cut, Oval Cut, Pear Cut, Princess Cut, Radiant Cut, Round Brilliant Cut, Trapezoid Cut, Triangle Cut, Trillion Cut.


    Most of the commonly used sizes we have available stones in stock, also we can custom-made as your requirement.


    Within 2 days for small order, within 7 days for bulk order. within 15 days for custom-made orders.


    Small size stones packed with a vacuum bag, big size stones packed with tissue paper and tied with cushion rubber.


    T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal.

    Discover More About Lab Created Ruby

    Download Lab Created Ruby Catalog to find out more colors, shapes, and sizes.

    Lab Created Ruby FAQ

    Lab-created ruby, also known as created ruby, synthetic ruby, artificial ruby, or man-made ruby, are gemstones synthesized in laboratories under human-controlled environments. They have identical chemical compositions to their natural counterparts (Al2O3) and the same optical and physical properties.

    Lab-created rubies are made by combining a specific recipe of minerals to produce a fiery red variety of lab-created crystals(CORUNDUM VERNEUIL METHOD). The color results from combining aluminum oxide with chrome, creating a mineral known as corundum, or ruby corundum.

    Lab-created rubies or Synthetic rubies were created using an artificial process involving high pressure and high temperature. Lab-created rubies are considered real because they are not much different from natural ones.

    WeJEWELER is a professional manufacturer of lab-created ruby in China. We offer high-quality lab-created corundum ruby stones at wholesale prices.

    Lab-created ruby started with a natural “seed” synthesized in laboratories under human-controlled environments. The growth and creation are precisely regulated that the resulting gemstones have the desired attributes. In created rubies, the irrelevant inclusions and impurities often found in natural rubies are not present in laboratory ones. Still, these lab-created rubies possess the same chemical, physical, and optical characteristics as the naturally occurring rubies. This fact makes them seem “too” perfect.

    Natural rubies are found in nature, are the ones that were formed over time by the components of the earth’s crust, and require no other treatment than to be cut and polished. These are natural stones with high price tags. They vary widely due to their imperfections and impurities. That is due to the fact their process of formation is not controlled or not under moderation conditions.

    Another natural ruby stone is treated in one or more media, which has influenced their appearance. These treatments are often used to improve the appearance of gemstones towards the desired color or make their luster.

    Lab-created or Natural ruby, which one you want and prefer greatly depends on the money you have. Natural rubies are more expensive than lab-created ones. The value of natural ones tends to be appreciated with time. Most investors and collectors tend to prefer genuine rubies to laboratory ones.

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