We are China leading manufacturer & wholesaler & distributor of loose cubic zirconia, synthetic gemstones, Moissanite loose, lab grown gemstones, semi precious stones and fine jewelry. 10 years experience make us professional to supply the most competitive prices and the best quality gemstones. We warmly welcome clients from all over the world to establish business relationship!

Products we supply as follows,

Cubic zirconia: loose CZ gemstones wholesale lot, loose cubic zirconia, top AAAAA cubic zirconia, cubic zirconia diamond.

Synthetic gemstones: lab created spinel, lab created ruby, lab created blue sapphire, lab created white sapphire, lab created pink sapphire, lab created Alexandrite, lab created opals, lab created nano gemstones, lab created NanoSital stones, lab created glass gemstones.

Moissanite: loose Moissanite D EF GH colors, loose Moissanite yellow color, loose Moissanite Melee, Moissanite fine jewelry.

Lab grown gemstones: lab grown ruby, lab grown blue sapphire, lab grown diamond/HPHT/CVD, hydrothermal Emerald/lab grown Emerald.

Semi precious stones: ruby, blue sapphire, topaz white, topaz blue, citrine, garnet, amethyst, diopside, peridot, black spinel, smoky quartz, zircon, tourmaline.

Jewelry: copper/brass jewelry, 925 sterling silver jewelry, 14/18k gold jewelry, customize jewelry, cubic zirconia/CZ jewelry, fine jewelry.

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